Culture or Politics?

Recently, on LinkedIn, I’ve noticed frequent debates and divisions of perspectives. Noticeably, these divisions and debates are many times sparked by political views. Politics and culture are not the same. I am not going to explain politics because most of us know what it is and how it can become…

The Broader Concept of “忍” Ren

The ability “to ren” may be one of the most important cultural aspects of how people are viewed in Chinese society. Over time, the inner strength that is expressed through the practice of ren can gain a person status, opportunity, and respect. The skilled application of ren could well be…

There is a Chinese saying that refers to the importance of an artist choosing high-quality ink in the creation of a masterpiece,

【惜墨如金】“Precious ink, as valuable as gold”.

When we understand it from a holistic mindset, we can see that an artist is only one factor in the multi-faceted creation…

Todd Cornell

I grew up in the US but spent my adult formative years in China. I meditate, practice Buddhism & consult US companies engaging China. Fluent in Mandarin.

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